Complimentary Puppy Training

American K9 Training Services is now back in the business of giving complimentary puppy training services contingent upon signing up for the regular or extended training at the time of the puppy class. New owners will learn everything from proper crate training, nutrition, house training, positive reinforcement, how to ease constant waking, good routines, how not to depend on cookies for results and much more.

Areas of Service

I provide service to dogs in the following areas of coverage: all of Monroe county, parts of Ontario county, and parts of Wayne county. Out-of-area/state dog training and consulting will be considered on an individual basis.

Initial Consultation for Dog Obedience School

Dog training consultations are performed for both curriculum dog training options. Upon deciding which curriculum below best fits your needs, you will be scheduled for a consultation. Consultations are performed in the evening one to two weeks prior to the scheduled training of a selected dog training curriculum below. I will come to your home and meet with you and your dog. During this time I will be observing your dog, your environment, and you. We will discuss the upcoming dog training and any special issues you’d like me to be aware of.

Getting Started

Upon completion of the consult, I will confirm your scheduled dates for the training cycle. There is a 6 session minimum for the Regular Dog Training Curriculum, and 10 session minimum for the Extended Dog Training Curriculum. Dog training cycles go from Tuesday through Thursday. Each day, I will come to your home and work one-on-one with your dog.

What to Expect

Every dog’s level of attention and ability is different so I cannot give an exact time that each session will last. I have found, on average, that sessions last approximately one hour in duration. If, at any time, I feel your dog is shutting down (mental overload) I will stop training for the day. If an hour goes by and I see your dog is completely engaged and still retaining my dog training, I will continue regardless of time.

In the second week (sixth training session), I will make a determination: If I feel your dog will benefit more from starting to receive the dog training from you, we will go ahead with our class (dog, you, and me) depending on your availability and my schedule. If I feel your dog is not exactly where I would like him/her to be and would benefit from a little more professional dog training, I will carry your dog over for some more professional training, with no additional cost to you. You have certain expectations and goals and it is my job to get your dog there regardless of the time it takes. A lot of people do not believe me when I say that. I carry dogs over all the time if they are not showing me consistency. I sleep better at night knowing I gave my clients a great product compared to a better bottom line.

Sessions and program structure require adaptability in order to allow for better success of each individual situation.

For example, if a canine is showing extreme proficiency with me before the allotted (dog and me) training sessions, I will notify the owner that the canine would benefit more from instructional sessions consisting of the owner, the canine, and me.

Communication will always be made with the owner throughout the process to explain why time would be better spent making slight logistical changes.

Dog Training Refreshers

Refreshers are available for one year with the Regular Dog Training Curriculum and for the lifetime of dog for Extended Dog Training Curriculum. If, after I’ve completed the dog training and the class, you are having difficulty with any of the techniques, commands, I will come back and work with you and your dog. Dog training refreshers are done in the evening and weekends and are dependent upon my availability and your schedule.

Dog Training Extended Service

*Please note the Extended follow-up does not apply to dogs with aggressive behavior*

If you have a question or concern I am always available. If it is something I can address over the phone – great. If you call me and I can’t address your concern over the phone, I’m back out there for a nominal fee. I believe in establishing relationships with my clients and their pets. In my line of work, I do not want anybody to be unhappy because they cannot afford any additional dog training. I’m in this business because I love doing it. If you show me that you care and are willing to give an effort, I will be there as many times as it takes for you to understand and apply my philosophy and techniques successfully.

Sessions and program structure require adaptability in order to allow for better success of each individual situation.

For example, if I was hired for issues at multiple locations and the canine was showing extreme proficiency with me at the residence, I might suggest that I give the owner instructional sessions before proceeding to the secondary location for more (one on one) training.

Communication will always be made with the owner throughout the process to explain why time would be better spent making slight logistical changes.

Examples of services

American K9 Training Services currently covers but not limited to:

  • Sweetheart dogs that just need more manageability and control.
  • Walking, distance recall, commands (low tone high response, multiple variables), jumping, counter surfing, crowding at the door, excessive barking, house training (bathroom), property damage, learning borders.
  • Every aggressive issue you can imagine (Dog on dog, dog on human, food protection, article protection, property protection, etc…).
  • Anxiety, to include separation, travel, general and specific, obsessive compulsive behavior, Veterinary visits.
  • Socialization (human, dog).
  • Certified therapy dogs (emotional support, physical support). 
  • Puppy training, educating new owners, ensuring an easy transition to the adolescent stage. Nipping, house training (bathroom), crate training, introduction to walking/distance recall, nutrition, socialization, family dynamic etc….

American K9 specializes in unique situations. Multiple dogs, different lifestyles, different dog behavioral issues. We have clients whose ages range from 8 weeks to 15 years old. Due to my flexibility, I am able to offer programs solely unique to each of my clients.

About Dog Training Pricing

What’s Included? The total cost includes:

  • Full on-site services and support at your location
  • Your pet’s individual sessions
  • The highest quality dog training available
  • Extended service options


Ask about discounts to clients with multiple dogs.

Payment Info

American K9 Training Services accepts cash and credit card payments only. We apologize, but we cannot accept payments by check. You are required to make a 50% deposit at the initial consultation with the remainder due at your dog’s first training session. Due to the extensive time commitment reserved for client’s dog training programs, our policy does not refund deposits for any of our dog training programs.

During the dog training consultation, you will be required to provide a non-refundable 50% deposit and a current immunization record for your dog.


  • All major credit cards accepted except American Express.

*Note: Please note the programs and corresponding pricing listed below do not reflect concerns such as, but not limited to, Aggression, Skittishness, and other behavioral issues. Problems such as these require more in-depth examination, training, and instruction. Every program and situation as it relates to behavioral issues are contingent on the particular situation, dog, owner, and environment. These circumstances will be discussed at the consultation and evaluation.

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Prices are not reflective of therapy/service dog training programs


  • Number of Sessions
  • Location
  • Refresher Service
  • Extended Service

Regular Dog Training

  • Minimum 6 Sessions
  • In-Home One on One Training
  • One Year of Training Refreshers
  • One Year of Extended Service