Hello and thank you for your interest in American K9 Training Services.

Taking the time to research the best dog training options for you and your pet is very important. When you read about me, Tommy Doehler, and my dog training philosophy, my formal dog training schooling, dog training accreditation, and dog training experience, I believe you will see that very few individuals have traveled down the path I have. Helping people and their family dogs is not only what I do, it’s truly who I am.

I have been honored to receive a wide range of formal education and practical real world dog training from experts in the dog handling, dog training, and animal behaviorism fields. These experiences are not available to the general public. I truly feel that after having so much formal education and over 17 years of dog training experience at such a high level, I can offer you the most modern and realistic-based training available.

My dog training is all one-on-one, in your home, allowing me to guarantee that your dog receives the highest quality dog training your dog can possibly receive, while ensuring your dog can make the connection to the environment they live in. I formed my current dog training programs to bridge the gap between classical dog training and the real world. I do this through consistent expert repetition, not through forced submitting. Our dogs are confident and enjoy what they are doing. Our dogs are happy when I arrive and sad when I leave. Our programs are entirely based on the lives of our clients. My flexibility allows me to create unique individualized programs for every one of my clients. I do not train for the masses.

My dog training philosophy is quite simple and can be applied to all facets of your everyday life with your dog(s).

My dog training is based on three key fundamentals love, respect, and trust. Love is the basis of praise. So many people downplay the value of praise as it pertains to your dog’s reward for doing something good. Your dog will do what you want for praise and praise alone. Respect is your dog showing you that they can and will do what you want, for no other reason than you telling them to, not because you have a pocket full of cookies or out of fear. Trust is something that must be earned for both the dog and dog owner. The more trust you have in each other, the more confidence you both will have in each other’s abilities and proficiencies.

Continued mental engagement with an emphasis on classic conditioning is the foundation of my dog training philosophy. You will have the ability to have fun with your dog, but also have a feeling of control. My dog training is set up to not only address those issues of concern you have with your dog(s), but to also make your everyday life together more enjoyable and fun.