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Disclaimer: American K9 Training Services will gladly respond to any and all mature, respectful, and well intentioned comments, questions, and statements about any information publicized within the realm of dogs and dog training. Open discussion is encouraged and I believe will not only educate dog owners, but to also serve as a bridge of understanding with professionals in the dog service related industry. We all have different philosophies and techniques, but at the end of the day our love of animals and the goal of creating a terrific relationship between owner and dog should help us look past our differences. We all have different formal education, experiences, and real world applications. This is a chance to openly discuss these subjects. Short sightedness, disrespect, and rude behavior will not be tolerated or responded to on any level. Please take this opportunity to truly contribute to this subject matter.

My objective is to educate the unfamiliar, discuss issues of importance, add my opinions and thoughts on subject matter, and attempt to help people maneuver through the overabundance of information out there on everything that has to do with the subject of dog.

I apologize if my comments offend anyone or any entity, but I will NEVER sacrifice speaking about anything in fear of hurting anyone’s feelings. This subject is too important to tip toe around.

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